Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 – 20 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier Review

Peavy has once again developed a top unit that has revolutionized the modeling amp industry. Discover the brilliance of the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 – 20 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier, which is easily regarded as one of the first of its kind.

This is because it’s the world’s first amp that is ideal for a broad spectrum of guitar models, including the Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and the Bass Guitar Amplifier models.

Simply put, the exclusive feature set of this unit can provide users with sufficient amplifications for various types of instruments for their musical needs. Furthermore, Peavey VIP 1 unit also comes with an intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) control surface along with LED indicators that make it a paragon of user-friendly engineering.

Users will also appreciate that this unit also comes with digital models of several amps, stomp boxes, instruments, as well as rack style effects. With its unique combination of Transtube analog circuitry and SHARC processors, this unit provides its users with the most versatile and superior quality sounds ever available in the musical industry.

What is more remarkable is that all these functionalities are consolidated into an ergonomically-sized unit without compromising on overall functionality.


  • Comes with an inbuilt looper
  • Versatile amplifier design
  • 20W Guitar, Acoustic and Bass Amp that comes with USB
  • It comes with several types of effects including instruments, amps, sounds and effects
  • Inbuilt looper available with Sanapera Controller
  • LED WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) User controller interface
  • 36 on board amp models
  • Specially voiced 8-inch modeling speaker


  • Compact sized design
  • Intuitive interface for controlling the functionalities
  • LED user interface
  • The Peavey VIP 1 is ideal for various amplification applications
  • Provides unrivaled audio quality
  • It comes with several effects and tuner included
  • It features an MP3 player input jack


  • The unit always defaults to A1 when switched on and cannot remember the last user settings
  • The power switch is located at the back, which is inconvenient for some users
  • It does not come with a pre-amp out


The Peavy VIP 1 comes with a chromatic tuner and a onboard looper, along with an acoustically ported semi-closed back enclosed for dynamic sounds results each time. It allows users to play along most types of rhythms, and the looper is controlled and activated by using the additional Sanapera foot controllers by using the inbuilt MIDI Port.

There is no need to connect the computer to the amp to be able to access to the various effects on the amp, customize your parameter tweaks and access the amp models; it does come with an audio USB 2.0 port and bi-directional data as well.

As a result, this allows the player to record their music directly to a favorite DAW, access the Vypyr Edit software and store presets as well.

To further provide its user with a dynamic musical approach, this unit also comes with an auxiliary input jack for those that prefer to feed in media files through MP3 players or CD players. The LED WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) allows the user to distinguish the ideal position of the encoders when switching in between presets.

It comes with a new USB bi-directional audio port and data that provides a simple strategy for recording or a way for connecting the users editing software to acquire lessons, as well as practicing your favorite rhythms with convenience.

Possible Alternatives

While this Peavey VYPYR VIP 1 might be an outstanding unit, it does come with some few minor drawbacks that make other options a good suggestion as well. For instance, one might want to try the VOX AV15G Guitar Amplifier Head that is ideal for use in the studio or at home and comes with a fully-featured analog amp that consolidates various types of tones in an ergonomically-sized unit.

The VOX AV15G comes with a tube based multi-circuit analog amp that provides superior quality sound by using Fat and Bright switches. However, this unit can only provide 15watts as when compared to the Peavey VIP 1 and does not provide top quality sound similar to the VIP 1.

Another possible alternative for the VIP 1 would be the California tone research set 5 all tube guitar amplifier that comes with an EL84 power tube and 12 AX7 preamp tube to provide users with unrivaled audio quality. This unit also provides 5 watts of pure power that combine with the 8-inch output speaker for an exceptional and solitary practice or when performing in a small club.

However, it does not come with the user interface where the user can select the presets, and the user merely relies on control dials and sound output when customizing the sound. Therefore, the VIP 1 comprises of superior quality features as when compared to other conventional sounds amps.


Finally, when taken together, the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 – 20 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier is a worthwhile investment especially for novice musicians, or perhaps people who simply want superior quality sounds results each time. Furthermore, this unit comes in a compact design ideal for portability, and all without compromising on the full capability and sound power of the unit.

The inclusion of trans tube technology ensures that the user receives optimal quality sounds results each time. Users can also customize the preamp gain level for the required amount of drive, and the power amp provides natural compression effects to deliver increased amp volume levels.

The manufacturer of this unit further demonstrates their obsession for progression and excellence by housing this unit a roadworthy and the rugged cast metal castings that come with superior quality metal castings.

Therefore, the user has optimal durability for a long lasting amplifier unit. They have done well to include various features in the VIP 1, including expression pedals with tap switches, footswitches for accessing presets, delay and reverb amongst various other effects for the users musical needs.

When compared to various other possible alternatives, the VIP 1 provides excellent value for investment with regards to the features that are compared.