Guitar Amp Comparison Guide

Not all guitar amps are created same. Even the novice electric guitar players are aware of the fact that amp is really a part of the instrument and choosing one guitar amp over another plays a crucial part in the process of becoming a great guitar player. The electric guitar players who succeed at their art are good at choosing the equipment in addition to being good at using the equipment to their advantage.

Guitar Amps and Location

Location can be everything when it comes to the efficacy of a guitar amp. People who play in large rooms and people who play in small rooms are going to have vastly different needs when it comes to their guitar amps and the guitar amp comparison is going to run in different directions for them.

Head and cabinet amps usually work much better for the guitar players who have their gigs or performances in large areas such as big clubs or concert halls. Head and cabinet amps are capable of amplifying the guitar signal so well that even the people who got the cheap seats in the back of the hall would be able to hear. Many people associate large and powerful head and cabinet amps with live performances of rock stars.

Therefore, there is a sense that head and cabinet guitar amps are necessary for the people who have gigs like this. People, who play outdoors where the acoustics are really not going to work in their favor, are definitely going to need head and cabinet amps.

Combo amps work just fine for the people who play their guitars in smaller locations. Therefore, these people do not necessarily have to go thru all of the trouble of dealing with large head and cabinet amps for their gigs. Many people prefer combo amps partly because these amps are much smaller and easier for people to carry them around.

Rock stars are used to carting around really large head and cabinet amps. Lots of other people find that frustrating and combo amps can really amplify the signal enough for people in small concert halls or clubs to hear.

The wooden cabinets themselves make a huge difference in terms of the sound that people can expect to hear. Ideally, wooden cabinets should be made from relatively thick wood. Otherwise, the sound quality would be compromised and the cabinet itself might become vulnerable to breakage.

Tube Amps and Solid State Amps

Most dedicated rock stars use tube amps instead of solid state amps. To some extent, this is due to the fact that tube amps are almost exclusively more expensive. There are many vacuum tube manufacturers that have a tendency to drive up the price of the tube amps that people use.

Therefore, for some rock stars, using tube amps is something of a status symbol. While many people agree with using tube amps as status symbol, a lot of other people choose solid state amps because of their frugality alone.

Some people argue that tube amps are better for reasons that have nothing to do with the price and the associated status. However, it is more accurate to say that the sounds that the two amps produce are just different and that some people are going to prefer solid state amps over tube amps because of sound.

This is especially true because solid state amps lend themselves to technological advancements much more than tube amps. Vacuum tubes are outdated technology in many ways. Solid state amps are getting better and better and many of them may eventually replace tube amps altogether.

Furthermore, solid state amps are much better than they used to be. Lots of the people who are thinking of getting amps today are better off trying the new solid state amps on offer today instead of the obsolete tube amps.

However, people should at least try both of the amp varieties in order to make an informed decision about their desired sound effects. Different guitar players have different preferences in almost everything and they are better off trying to find the amps that work for them.

Choosing an amp really is like choosing a musical instrument in its own right because of the importance of the amp to the overall sound of the guitar.

Of course, people who really want the most advanced amps that money can buy can try modeling amps that are partly digital. People can use them to create sounds that would truly be impossible otherwise. The hybrid amps make people to compromise on the different amp varieties to a certain extent.

Features of Amps

The guitar amps that have additional specialized features are more expensive. However, lots of people don’t mind the additional upfront expense, especially if they are individuals who make money from their guitar gigs and who would probably earn back the money soon enough. Many of the best amp features are as follows:

  • Channel switching
  • Reverb units
  • Built-in effects
  • Effects loops

There are built-in effects that can alter the tone of the guitar without requiring any additional effort from the guitar players. There are reverb units that can really give people a unique sound that they would not be able to produce on their own and even these reverb units come in many different varieties.

Channel switching is a really great feature because guitar players usually go from clean sounds to distorted sounds fairly regularly over the course of their performance. Channel switching allows them to do that effectively. The effects loops can make the transitions seamless, allowing people to easily pull off a lot of tricks on their guitars without making the transitional noises bad.