Fender Mini Tonemaster Battery Powered Electric Guitar Amp

When it comes to electric guitars, only experienced guitarists know how to pick the perfect pair of guitar and amplifier.

But why is it so important to get a matching amplifier and electric guitar? The reason is that the amplifier should complement the guitar in such a way that it can make a bad guitar sound good and a good guitar sound even better.

However, not everyone has the luxury or the resources to invest in very expensive amplifiers. If you know where to look, it’s becomes really easy to find an amplifier that has decent features and is available at a very affordable price.

When it comes to electric guitars and amplifiers, the Fender Mini Tonemaster is one of the most affordable amplifiers that is endorsed by a trusted brand.

Even though it comes at a surprisingly affordable price, it doesn’t mean that its quality is compromised. Fender has a reputation to uphold and it certainly delivers quality at a great price. The Fender Mini Tonemaster Battery Powered Electric Guitar Amp is one of its models that comes at a consumer-friendly price.

Key Features

A lot of customers who are on a budget are choosing this amp not just for its quality, but its price. However, it also has excellent features that will surely impress you considering its size.

  • Enjoy pure portability from a petite sized amp packing a 1 watt punch.
  • Makes for an excellent travel companion as no electrical outlet is required and its exclusively recommended for electric guitars.
  • Practice in silence with the eighth inch headphone output jack or run it into a recording device or larger amp for more fun!
  • Explore many tones from crunch to clean with the Gain, Tone and Volume controls.
  • Black ‘Chicken’ head knobs mimic this amps bigger brother and a red ‘jewel’ indicates this amp is fired up and ready to rock!


Talking about features, the Fender Mini Tonemaster is indeed a champion. It has better sound than amps which are 2-3 times bigger and more expensive.

It also works great at low volumes, which means you can practice without disturbing any neighbors. Dialing it to a really low volume gives it a great tone spot for some really great acoustic.

Aside from delivering great sound at low volumes, it’s also pretty good at really loud volumes, making it an excellent amp for jam sessions. Its overdrive can accommodate anything from a slight fuzz to a metal crunch. It produces sound that is clear and clean.

The Mini Deluxe’s body is made of plastic and is well-molded, resembling the pebble finish of most regular amps. With its very small and portable size, you won’t have any trouble carrying it around from one gig to another, especially with its very convenient dogbone-shaped handle.


For some guitarists who have tried this amp, its size can be very convenient but since it is very small and light it usually gets dragged easily.

One other disadvantage for the Fender Mini Tonemaster is that it doesn’t come with its own power adapter since it works with a battery. It could also be a really nice amp with a little reverb.


Putting the Mini Deluxe side by side with other brands, you will surely identify the difference in features and quality for other amps that comes at the same price.

Also, if you compare the Mini Deluxe with other Fender models you will be able to see that it has almost the same features and quality but its price is more affordable. It actually comes at about half the price of the Fender Frontman 10G.


All things considered, the Fender Mini Tonemaster is more than a decent amp for its price. In fact, it works better than most amps which are 2-3 times bigger and more expensive.

Its features are almost the same as a regular amplifier. It is very portable and it delivers heavy bass despite its size. For a small amp, it delivers great volume at a lovely clear and clean tone.

It is highly recommended for budding guitarists and those who would like great sound from their amps but are working within a tight budget.